Success Story …

We were contacted in 2021 by a client who had been trying to gain planning approval for a site in Bristol for over seven years with little success. The client was understandable frustrated with the process and site as a whole, and had almost given up hope of developing the site.

We appraised the site and came to the conclusion that we might be able to assist in obtaining planning approval. We developed a few sensitive designs for the site and once the client was happy we prepared and submitted a planning application to Bristol City Council for three new dwellings on the tight, urban corner plot of land.

After a little negotiation & design development with the Local Authority we managed to secure a full planning permission for three new dwellings on this site in less than a year!

So if you have a tough site that you are struggling to gain permission for, give us a call or drop us a message and we will see if we can assist …

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